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Helene Lacelle

Submitted/Peter Evanchuck
Helene Lacelle carries one of her works into Café Nostalgica, at 601 Cumberland St. Her exhibit with Peter Evanchuck runs until the end of February

Ottawa East News

Two Sandy Hill artists are inviting art lovers to engage in their world of “marvelous realism” this February.

Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle have launched a new exhibit at Café Nostalgica – called Marvelous Realism Canada – which combines photography and other mediums.
The couple’s work draws from magical realism, a literary and artistic style that portrays fantastical things happening in the real world.
“Basically it’s the ability to get the audience to feel what we felt when we were on location and when we were shooting the photographs,” Evanchuck said.
“We didn’t feel the photos themselves would reveal that feeling alone.”
Most of the work in the exhibit centres on abandoned houses in New Brunswick the couple stumbled upon while driving to their cottage in the Maritimes.
Some of the homes had been deserted for decades, but one had been abandoned as recently as five years ago.
The two explored these buildings and discovered all sorts of belongings that had been left behind. They were particularly struck with some dolls that they included on a number of the images in the exhibit.
Evanchuck photographed the homes and Lacelle then used paint, software and other mediums to alter them in an attempt to evoke a certain emotion they were feeling at the time.
“These images convey how we felt about those abandoned houses,” Evanchuk said.
“Those dolls are waiting for the little girls that left them behind. It creates that feeling of marvel and also a tragic sense of loss for when these people had to abandon their homes.”
The couple said altering the images was necessary to convey the deep feelings of abandonment and sense of marvel.
The exhibit is set to run at 601 Cumberland St. until the end of February.


theOLDtheNEWtheMARVELOUS installation
theOLD are examples of her art over past decade
theNEW are very recent collage pieces of framed art
theMARVELOUS are photoART created with partner PeterEvanchuck
taking original Evanchuck photos of abandoned NB homes adding styles and content to make them 'MARVELOUS'

HELENE installing new collage art at CAFE NOSTALGICA
prolific artist HELENE LACELLE created
over a dozen new pieces of art
for this Nostalgica show
from 03feb16 to end of leapYearmonth 29Feb16
Helene Lacelle lining-up her NEW work at Cafe Nostalgica

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Friday, January 29, 2016

the OLD, the NEW, the MARVELOUS art by Helene Lacelle & Peter Evanchuck

New collage by Helene Lacelle for art show at Cafe Nostalgica


from 04Feb to 29th at Café Nostalgica, 601 Cumberland on the Ottawa UNiversity campus

a retrospective of the past decade and a half of LACELLE’s art work.: tracing her various styles, forms and reincarnations. Her experimentations in ‘new’ art makes even these ‘old’ art pieces look contemporary.

the NEW:
prolific artist HELENE LACELLE has created a completely new set of collage images for showing at CAFÉ NOSTALGICA. Entitled – theOLDtheNEWtheMARVELOUS
LACELLE’s technique is rather unique in that she sees her ‘art ‘ on the canvas not in her head. In her collages, using old photos loaned from a German baroness as a central focus, she creates  and enhances them into her personal ‘art’ by mixing in various images/styles from many sources that together form an overall effect of modernity i.e. new-ness. They are complex yet very simple, very effective.

       continuing her collaboration with partner PETER EVANCHUCK on MARVELOUS REALISM CANADA, LACELLE has created new additions to the original abandoned homes photographs of EVANCHUCK. This portion of the exhibit is called ‘A DOLL’s HOUSE’

One Toronto critic referred to LACELLE as the NEON MATISSE of Canada due to her colourful, neon-like imagery. Self taught she has been making art all her adult life winning many awards, hanging in several galleries/art places in Canada and the U.S. with sales on line and around the world.

Former professor EVANCHUCK now devotes his time to filmmaking, photography, writing, curating. He has produced several feature films, scripts, books as well as many docs over his ongoing career.

The abandoned homes represented in MARVELOUS REALISM were shot last year in New Brunswick.

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Teddy Bear

'Chanel Teddy' ORIGINAL gouache Helene Lacelle 2002

I was never good at making people look like people. I was a little better at making teddy bears sort of look like teddy bears. Male or female, dressed or naked, a teddy bear will look at you straight in the eyes and never lie. Think about it for a minute, teddy bears are like fluffy saints

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Motel pools closed for the season - Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada -  pools closed for the season.

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Marvelous Realism Canada Show is up!

1- unloading MARVELOUS REALISM to set up at Cafe Nostalgica
2- Holding up a table top I painted last week for future auction for CHEO
3/4 - carrying  in large canvas  'You Never Bring Me Flowers'

Cafe Nostalgica - 601 Cumberland St. Ottawa University
Show runs until Jan 31, 2016

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We are getting ready for our evolving show 'MARVELOUS REALISM CANADA' - The second presentation is opening at : CAFE NOSTALGICA - Jan.4, 601 Cumberland Street, Ottawa University Campus.

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